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UV Light Sanitizer Box - Phone Charger & Sterilizer

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Our UVC Sanitizer Box helps to manage risk when it comes to the health of you and your family.

The technology behind ultraviolet light is not new. While it's getting significantly more attention as of recent, it's been used in hospitals for decades to sterilize medical equipment.

In addition to the sterilization benefits provided by our UVC Sanitizer Box, you'll get the following added features.

WIRELESS CHARGER: while you're not disinfecting your phone, leave it on the top of the UV Box for wireless charging. All phones equipped with near-field wireless charging capabilities are compatible.

AROMATHERAPY: our sterilizer box also includes an aromatherapy feature. Included are a couple droppers to add your favorite essential oil for quick diffusion.

EPA Est.: 97334-CHN-1

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