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Resting Beach Face | Women's Funny Cruise Shirts (Scoop Neck Tank)

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An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. In our case, these outside forces include sun, sand, calypso music and margaritas. Those four factors produce our best face. That face deserves to rest. That face also deserves this shirt.

A wise woman once said, "you must dress for success." Here are the steps that you need to succeed at vacation.

  1. Wear this shirt
  2. Get your best face on
  3. Rest
  4. Repeat

This light and airy tee flows like the ocean breeze and feels like vacation as soon as it touches your skin. It's great for sliding on and off over your bathing suit as you pop in and out of shops, bars, or wherever else your sandals take you.

Woman's Resting Beach Face Tank Features:

  • Relaxed fit
  • 65% Polyester; 35% Viscose (fibre content may vary for different colors)
  • Extra Light fabric (3.7 oz/yd² (125 g/m²))
  • Sewn in label
  • Runs a bit smaller than usual

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