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UV Light Sanitizer Wand - Portable Sterilizer for Phones & More

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Our UVC Sanitizer Wand helps to manage risk when it comes to the health of you and your family.
The technology behind ultraviolet light is not new. While it's getting significantly more attention as of recent, it's been used in hospitals for decades to sterilize medical equipment.
- TRAVEL SIZED: mini sized when collapsed. It's perfect for travel or sanitizing on the go. Whether headed on vacation or to the supermarket, you can never be too careful. Our UV Light Wand will be there in your pocket or purse when you need it.
- 30 SECOND SANITIZATION: open your UV light wand, press the quick-activation button, and point down towards the item requiring sanitization. Slowly pass over the item at a distance of three to six inches for a period no less than 30 seconds.
- UV AUTO SHUT OFF: our ultraviolet bulbs have an added safety feature to disengage when rotated upward. This prevents unintentional exposure to the skin or eyes.
EPA Est: 97334-CHN-1

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