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Cruise Staff Thank You Cards

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You get SIX [6] Cruise Crew Thank You Cards and envelopes. Let your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work with this small gesture of kindness.

Your humble crew members spend months away from friends and family to work long hours assuring that your vacation is special. While tips are included in your fare, most cruise passengers don’t think to do a little something extra. Those that do have amazing stories of gratitude shown by cruise staff. A short note, small gift, or extra something can bring a staff member to tears with appreciation.

Customers have proudly shared that they send “thank you” cards to the following cruise crew members

  • Cabin Stewards
  • Maitre de
  • Dining Servers
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Cruise Director
  • Entertainers
  • Captain
  • Bartenders
  • Passenger Services Staff
  • Officer

Often, a few of these staff members will make a lasting impression on you as a passenger. They’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to make you feel cared for. We like to reward this hard work with a tiny gesture of returned kindness.

We’ve heard wonderful stories from our customers. All report that service gets even better, but occasionally we hear exceptional stories of gratitude from staff members. We’ve even heard of life-long friendships created after this one small act. We’d love if you shared your experience with us too.

Happy cruising!

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