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Towel Bands (4 Pack) for Beach & Pool Chairs (Blue & Teal)

Cruise On
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Breaking News: Towel Clips have been replaced by Towel Bands as the new and best way to protect your towel from flying off of your pool, lounge, or beach chairs!

Why did it take so ling to replace clamps with something so much more efficient? We have no good answer except that we were sleeping at the wheel. Speaking of wheels… look how long it took to put wheels on luggage! But the good news is, you can now wheel your suitcase and you can securely (and efficiently)

What makes our bands so much better than clips or clamps or other machinery? Here are just a few reasons!

  • Size: Towel clamps take up a TON of space in your valuable luggage, beach bag, or other. We know how valuable this space is and have solved this problem!
  • Durability: Clips are typically made of metal, plastic and or other intricate components. These easily break. Our natural latex bands will never give you problems.
  • Flexibility: While clips will only fit on certain beach chairs, bands have much more flexibility. Fit almost any chair of any size with ease.
  • Reliability: While clamps offer two touch points to secure your towel, our bands hug the towel to the chair across the entire surface of your lounger, offering greater reliability.

At Cruise On, we pride ourselves in our products and customer service. We hope that we can be a part of your vacation and will do everything we can to make it even more enjoyable!

NOTE: our towel bands are ideal for temporary use, such as securing towels to pool, cruise, and beach chairs. They are not intended for permanent, long-term use. Towel bands used to permanently secure patio cushions (or similar) will lose strength, color & elasticity over time.