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Cruise On 15 Pocket Large Mesh Over Door Organizer Closet & Pantry Storage or Shoe Holder, White

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Our Over-the-Door Organizer is the perfect solution for efficient storage!

The Over the Door Hanging Organizer is very compact and lightweight, making travel simple. It's roughly the size of a folded shirt!

FIRE RETARDANT: cruise lines require that your hanging organizer be fire retardant. Our mesh, nylon material has been treated with a fire retardant application to make it fully compliant with these cruise line regulations.

The product assembles in seconds. Simply hang the three included hooks on the back of any cruise cabin door (or other). Then attach the hanging door organizer and start saving space. The hooks are high-quality, durable metal and made thin to hang on cruise cabin doors, closets, and all other normal doors.

Our 3-hook support provides much more stability and less sagging when compared to the cheaper, 2-hook models! And our breathable, mesh fabric stays much cleaner than the space saving hangers with vinyl pockets.

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  • Great for holding lotions, sandals, hats, magazines, accessories, etc
  • Clear, Fire Retardant, Mesh material for cleaner and more breathable pockets (vs to plastic or vinyl)
  • Hangs over-the-door on any standard door in seconds - no tools needed
  • 3 hook support for maximum strength and limited sagging

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