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Travel Size Hand Sanitizer Holder Bottles & Keychain

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This cruise essentials kit includes a set of TWO [2] Empty, Refillable Hand Sanitizer Bottles with beautiful, blue silicone holders. Here's a complete list of what is included.

  • Two [2] empty, refillable 1oz bottle dispensers
  • Two [2] silicone, adjustable bottle holders
  • One [1] funnel collapsible for easy travel packing

These must-have cruise accessories are essential for keeping healthy throughout your cruise vacation. Stay germ free on and off the ship. Maximize your chances of a happy and healthy vacation.

The silicon dispenser holders are adjustable in size and clip onto just about any accessory you'll have with you. Whether at the buffet, pooside, or at port, you'll always have your dispenser bottles at the ready.

Here are some of the features that make our santizier bottle holders ideal for your travels.

  • CRUISE ESSENTIAL: your portable hand sanitizer bottles will within reach on or off the cruise ship
  • REFILLABLE: keep the hand sanitizer source in your cruise cabin & refill our small bottles as needed
  • CLIP ON: our flexible & size adjustable silicone holders clip onto any lanyard, purse, bag or other
  • TRAVEL SAFE: sanitizing is key throughout your cruise & this will minimize risk for safe traveling
  • GUARANTEED: our cruise accessories are 100% backed by our U.S. based team of travel professionals

Pair this must have cruise product with our cruise lanyards for even easier access to your santiizer bottles. Any time you're feeling a bit germy, fip open your bottle (located conveniently around your neck) and eliminate the risks within seconds.

This must have cruise product is made from the #1 Cruise Accessories brand, CRUISE ON, and satisfaction is promised.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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